22 January 2009

Howell's Hat

As I said, Llanelli is a knitting black hole.
I have no babies to knit cutesy ickle hats and booties for, mainly because that's just not 'my bag' but as my brother, Howell, is only 2 yrs. old I thought maybe I'd break with tradition (bag) and make him something.
He used to watch a lot of Peppa Pig (I suspect he had no choice thanks to my 4 yr. old sister being a major bossy boots, not unlike Peppa herself) in which George Pig, Peppa Pig's bossed about little brother, is obsessed with dinosaurs.
Even though he's 2 yrs. old all Howell can really do is make noises and he does a mean dinosaur impression. So...

Howells DinoHat!

(If you're wondering why I haven't got a pic of him wearing it, it's because he wore it for all of ten seconds
But you can't pick your family.)

Based on the 'Floral Hat' pattern from The Sublime Children's Double Knitting Book
4mm and 3.25mm needles
Not sure what the wool's called
Felt for fin, eyes and teeth
Wooly Photos: Daf


18 January 2009

Ronan Dex Hat

Watched the last ever episode of Stargate Atlantis :'(
Cried like a right berk when Ronan got stabbed (*sniff*) but he's ok now (Phew).
It reminded me of a hat I knitted ages ago based on a free pattern called 'Trekker' by Anni Howard in issue 26 of KnitToday. It was meant to be a lot smaller than it turned out to be thanks to a combination of oversized needles and oversized wool (story of my knitted life).

At the time it was a disaster but if I had hair like Ronan (which would be awesome!) then this hat would be the perfect size to cover it up.
So yay for using bigger needles and wool because you're lazy and it knits up faster. Yay!

P.S. I love the colour on this stuff. The browns blues and purples (my fave colours) really go well together.

Based on Trekker by Anni Howard (mainly rib and stst)
8mm or 12mm (I think)
Wendy Pampas Mega Chunky (70/30 acrylic wool, shade: 2230)
Wooly Photo: Daf


17 January 2009

Leg Warmers

I live in a knitting black hole called Llanelli.
We have one wool stall in the market and as long as you have plenty of babies to knit for it's great.
I don't.
Anyway, passing it a while back I noticed in amongst the nylon DK and 4-ply, they had a couple-a-decent chunky-nylon blends. Gotta love the nylon. So I nabbed 'em quick. One problem. I couldn't think of anything to knit. So they stayed in my stash for weeks... until I found a copy of "Complete Guide to Knitting and Crochet" that had a simple pattern for ribbed leg warmers. At the time I was just starting out so they let me practise rib, counting and mattress stitch.

Here they are:

They're actually red not pink (stupid camera)

I haven't managed to wear them anywhere yet though. (Llanelli is a lovely place to live except for the meanie 'chavs'. Maybe if I'd knitted 'Golddigga' or something on them they'd have more "rrrrespect" for me. Grrr...)

2x2 rib
6mm needles
Sirdar Bonus Chunky
Wooly Photo: Daf


16 November 2008

Daf's Scarf

Righty here is some knitting!
When I first started out, I knitted my beautiful boyfriend Daf a scarf. He wanted blue and brown cause "they're the signature colours of Ash from Evil Dead"
*raises eyebrows*

But about a week after I knitted it he had raging tonsilitus and couldn't speak so he wore the scarf constantly to keep his throat covered (although not in this picture).
This is Ill Daf. Poor bugger, huh?

Anyway that was nearly 4 years ago and he's still wearing it.

It's looking a bit tired nowadays though so I should maybe make him a new one.
Here it is (without Ill Daf)


2x2 rib (I think)
12mm needles
No idea what wool
Wooly Photo: Daf


13 October 2008

My First Blog

Well I guess this is my first ever blog. Exciting. I have no idea what I'm supposed to write in a blog but I guess it should have something to do with either knitting or pirates or Penny's or all of the above. Hmmm... Stay tuned. I'm sure I'll think of something