16 November 2008

Daf's Scarf

Righty here is some knitting!
When I first started out, I knitted my beautiful boyfriend Daf a scarf. He wanted blue and brown cause "they're the signature colours of Ash from Evil Dead"
*raises eyebrows*

But about a week after I knitted it he had raging tonsilitus and couldn't speak so he wore the scarf constantly to keep his throat covered (although not in this picture).
This is Ill Daf. Poor bugger, huh?

Anyway that was nearly 4 years ago and he's still wearing it.

It's looking a bit tired nowadays though so I should maybe make him a new one.
Here it is (without Ill Daf)


2x2 rib (I think)
12mm needles
No idea what wool
Wooly Photo: Daf