22 January 2009

Howell's Hat

As I said, Llanelli is a knitting black hole.
I have no babies to knit cutesy ickle hats and booties for, mainly because that's just not 'my bag' but as my brother, Howell, is only 2 yrs. old I thought maybe I'd break with tradition (bag) and make him something.
He used to watch a lot of Peppa Pig (I suspect he had no choice thanks to my 4 yr. old sister being a major bossy boots, not unlike Peppa herself) in which George Pig, Peppa Pig's bossed about little brother, is obsessed with dinosaurs.
Even though he's 2 yrs. old all Howell can really do is make noises and he does a mean dinosaur impression. So...

Howells DinoHat!

(If you're wondering why I haven't got a pic of him wearing it, it's because he wore it for all of ten seconds
But you can't pick your family.)

Based on the 'Floral Hat' pattern from The Sublime Children's Double Knitting Book
4mm and 3.25mm needles
Not sure what the wool's called
Felt for fin, eyes and teeth
Wooly Photos: Daf


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